About “Happiness”

“I will take the brightest photo of yours 

which records your past life.”


I am “Lima”, photographer of “Happiness”.

I will briefly introduce myself and tell you 

about the reason why I chose taking photos 

of emotions as by job.

When I just turn 20, 

I decided to leave South Korea. 

With my great eager to study design and 

desire to leave Korea, 

I moved to California in my early 20s.

As soon as I arrived in the States, 

I fell deeply into photography and design.

 I was busy taking photos of new school, 

the life in it, 

and different life styles most of the time.

Long term of life abroad approached me 

with different emotions, such as sadness, 

happiness, joy and loneliness.

While I was struggling with such 

various emotions in my early 20s, 

an old couple of my neighbor’s house

encouraged me a lot.

 They always treated me with kindness and 

curious about my hometown.

 I spent a lot of time having meals and

 talking with them. I usually drew and took 

photos for them and their children.

Studying abroad was not easy but they

 encouraged me a lot.

A bittersweet adapting period of studying 

abroad passed by, I left California for 

my further study and my own business.






Around 7 years passed by.

I was on a business trip to California.

I lost the old couple phone numbers 

long time ago, and I could not memorize

 their address well, 

but I tried hard and found them welcoming me

 with kindness.

The way they treated me with kindness, 

and that old wooden table in the living room

 reminded me of myself 

who was struggling 7 years ago.

Old couple’s children moved out long time ago, 

but their drawings and photos 

I made were still there shining their memory.

Eventually these also made me 

fell into that old feeling.

I took those photos just for them without 

any purpose of learning or achievement.

Just photos I took could be precious for 

someone else, and they were sharing

 happiness through my photos.

Staring at those unprofessional photos 

which gave me stronger emotions t

han any other photos

 I thought were good professional,

 I realized that besides photography 

techniques, emotion is one 

of the most important aspects in photography. 

It makes my photo become 

someone’s piece of precious memory.

After that time, I spent most of my 20s abroad 

and worked in many different fields.

I worked as a design tutor, created arts,

 a translator and also running 

different business.

Working in so many different fields 

and surroundings, I learned a lot of 

different things. The best achievement

 I got was that I figured out 

what I actually love to do.

I realized that I feel really happy 

when I saw my talents bringing happiness 

to the others.

I used to work overnight as a translator 

quite often because of lack of my ability,

 but I really enjoyed that moment 

when my customers feel satisfied 

from the result and feel sorry for

 extra requirement.

I used to be very busy when I was 

running business,

 but I could even forget about smell 

from pain relief patches on my body
 when I saw my customers were 

happy with the result.

The good photography I consider is photography

 that not only records down the perfect image,

 but also records down emotions 

at the same time.  I will leave the scent 

of your precious moment

 inside my photography.

Even though just one photo of mine could be 

meaningful in your life time, 

all of works come closer to me as happiness.

I am planning to be a photographer that enjoys communications and works closer 

with customers. Talking a lot about our life, 

I am always thinking about what kind of photos

 make different customers happy 

and which backgrounds suit them better.

I always think carefully on customers’ side 

about what can be complicated. 

Price, unnatural impressions, effect of photoshop, preparation for outdoor and 

indoor photo shooting, 

there are a lot of parts of photography

 that I will tell customers step by step.

Overall, I will tell you about my motto.

My goal is not to be a famous photographer and take photos of celebrities to earn a lot money.

My goal is to do something

 I am good at and I love to bring and share 

happiness with a lot of people.

I will try my best to record dow

n your best emotion of your best moment.

I will be so glad to work 

on your photo till the end.

When I was about to name my company,

 I named it “Happiness” without any hesitation.

Since I chose a job to make people happy,

I hope that everyone in the world share and bring happiness with each other.

Thank you so much for your visit.

-Lima Photography-